Edward Wibowo

Edward Wibowo

Hi, I'm Edward, a current sophomore studying Computer Science and Math at Brown. My interests lie in systems, networks, and security. I love making games, web apps, and developer tools.

Work Experience

  1. D. E. Shaw & Co.
    D. E. Shaw & Co.

    Systems Engineer Intern

    New York, NY

    Incoming Systems Engineer Intern at D. E. Shaw & Co. for the summer of 2024 in New York City.

  2. Brown CS Technical Staff
    Brown CS Technical Staff

    Systems Programmer

    Providence, RI

    Maintaining, documenting, and managing departmental machines.

  3. Serre Lab
    Serre Lab

    Development Intern

    Providence, RI

    Developed software to gather human click data for visual perception research.

More Experience

Highlighted Projects

UFDS Training

Educational platform for competitive programming training used by 1000+ students (Next.js, Firebase)



Full stack application to gather human object recognition data for AI research (React, PostgreSQL)





🐝 An action-packed game where you play as a missile-dodging, laser-evading, upgradeable bumbly bee



⚡ Reverse proxy with effortless Docker integration and easy configuration


More Projects

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A brief overview of isomorphism classes of S-decorated simple graphs.

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Hosting multiple web applications and services on my own server.

Associating Finite Groups with Cayley Color Graphs

Proof of the isomorphic connection between finite groups and Cayley color graphs.

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