1. HackMIT 2023 Hackathon


    Developed a command-line application that visualizes and gamifies LeetCode-style problems.

  2. Brown CS Department

    Teaching Assistant

    Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for CSCI 0112 (Computing Foundations: Program Organization, Fall 2023).

  3. Brown Serre Research Lab

    Web Development Intern

    Developing software to gather human click data for visual perception research.

  4. Develop for Good

    Software Engineer

    Collaborated with engineers and designers to build a mobile responsive website for interactive books with nonprofit Readeezy Literacy.

  5. Brown CS Technical Staff

    System Programmer Operations Consultant (SPOC)

    Working as a member of Brown CS technical staff to maintain, document, and manage 600+ departmental machines.

  6. Full Stack at Brown

    Full Stack Developer

    Developed full stack application for communities across Brown University with both frontend and backend technologies.

  7. Hack@Brown 2023 Hackathon

    Wolfram Award

    Created "gitReal": a full-stack parody version of the popular application "BeReal" catered towards users who spend a lot of time on a computer.

  8. Brown RISD Game Developers

    Game Developer

    Collaborating with other programmers, artists, and designers from both Brown University and RISD to create video games.

  9. Bevy Game Jam

    8th Place

    Developed a game in Bevy Engine with the Rust programming language. Ranked 8th out of 74 entries based on gameplay, theme interpretation, presentation, and originality.

  10. AWS & IMDA Data Science Accelerator Program

    Teaching Assistant

    Supported students to build a foundation in data science.

  11. Hack&Roll 2021 Hackathon

    Best Pre-University Hack

    Won the "Best Pre-University Hack" prize category by developing an embedded MIDI controller with custom Python drivers, Arduino hardware, and a multithreaded audio visualizer.

  12. AWS Build On 2020 Hackathon

    2nd Runner Up

    Created a cross-platform fitness mobile game with a team over the course of a few months that incorporates AWS technology with Unity game engine.

  13. Judge for Covid Hacks 2020


    Evaluated hackathon submissions based on originality, product quality, and design.

  14. OpenHacks 2020 Hackathon

    Honorable Mention

    Programmed a browser extension that highlights controversial topics using sentiment analysis and provides a platform to discuss contentious issues. Developed a text scraping algorithm and implemented the extension's frontend.

  15. The 23rd National Olympiad in Informatics

    Bronze Medalist

    Participated in the 23rd National Olympiad in Informatics and attained a bronze medal.

  16. Hack&Roll 2020 Hackathon


    Built a physical ad blocker to physically block ads on a screen with a piece of fabric. Programmed a Flask server to establish serial communication between the browser extension and Arduino hardware.

  17. YouthHacks 2019 Hackathon


    Created a platform for students to study using voice recognition technology and a network to share and recommend notes using AI.

  18. Teacher Assistant for Junior Python Class, SG Code Campus


    Introduced young programmers to Python by answering questions, explaining concepts, and debugging their code.

  19. Code XtremeApps 2019 Hackathon


    Built a gamified web app with a team to tackle the problem of food wastage in Singapore by recommending recipes that use preexisting ingredients and providing an interconnected food donation network at both consumer and retail levels.

  20. Take [H]action Hackathon


    Worked in a team to create a prototype application in 12 hours for potential victims of human trafficking to passively notify when they are in trouble with a focus of helping trafficked women in Vietnam with Blue Dragon charity.

  21. Teacher for UWCSEA Coding and AI Club


    Guided students to learn web development, computer graphics, and core programming skills through personal projects and presentations.